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Refer to figure.
On an ATC flight plan in the box marked "Cruising speed", you are required to indicate the planned speed for the first part of the cruise or for the entire cruise. This speed is the…
  • A
    true airspeed.
  • B
    estimated ground speed.
  • C
    equivalent airspeed.
  • D
    indicated airspeed.

Refer to figures.

ICAO Doc 4444
Appendix 2
the first cruising speed as in (a) and the first cruising level as in (b), without a space between them.
THEN, following the arrow, INSERT the route description as in (c).

(a) Cruising speed (maximum 5 characters)
INSERT the True airspeed for the first or the whole cruising portion of the flight, in terms of:
Kilometres per hour, expressed as K followed by 4 figures (e.g. K0830), or
Knots, expressed as N followed by 4 figures (e.g. N0485), or
True Mach number, when so prescribed by the appropriate ATS authority, to the nearest hundredth of unit Mach, expressed as M followed by 3 figures (e.g. M082).

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