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Refer to figure.
Use the following information to determine what would be entered into ITEM 19 ENDURANCE of the ICAO Flight Plan form.

Trip distance: 5683 NM
Take-off Fuel: 140 000 kg
Average TAS: 500 kt
Average fuel flow: 11586 kg/h
Average wind component: +15 kt
Time to alternate: 45 minutes
Final Reserve Fuel: 30 minutes holding

  • A
    12 hours 17 minutes
  • B
    12 hours 05 minutes
  • C
    11 hours 02 minutes
  • D
    11 hours 35 minutes
ITEM 19 - Endurance
After E/ INSERT a 4-figure group giving the fuel endurance in hours and minutes.
  • Fuel Endurance in Item 19 of ATC Flight Plan is for Search Radius, in case an Aircraft is reported missing or overdue. It must be the Total Fuel Endurance of the Aircraft, and must take into account the Total Fuel On-Board - it is the time the aircraft can remain airborne, and, therefore, includes all usable fuel onboard (including any reserves). However, it does not include taxi fuel.

- Question text states that Take Off Fuel = 140 000 kg (that is the amount of fuel we should be using).
- The fuel is burnt at a rate of 11 586 kg/h.
Endurance = Total usable fuel on-board / average fuel flow = 140 000 kg : 11 586 kg/h = 12 h 05 min

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