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Refer to figure or CAP 697 Figure for Pressure Altitude 37000 ft.
Given the following information, how much Trip Fuel is required for a Commercial Air Transport flight?

Ramp mass: 52500 kg
Taxi Fuel: 150 kg
Take-off and Climb Fuel: 1650 kg
Cruise distance: 378 NAM
Average wind component in cruise: +20 kt
Descent Fuel: 275 kg
Approach and Landing Fuel: 80 kg
Contingency Fuel: 5% of Trip Fuel
Alternate Fuel: 250 kg
Holding fuel consumption: 2400 kg per hour

  • A
    3640 kg
  • B
    4055 kg
  • C
    4100 kg
  • D
    3905 kg

Refer to figure.

This question gives you a lot of unnecessary information, but it is quite simple if you follow the following steps:
The only information missing to calculate trip fuel is the fuel consumed during the cruise section of the flight (kg). Therefore, we must find out the weight at the beginning and at the end of cruise.

First Step: Finding the weight at the beginning of cruise

Note: Ramp mass includes taxi fuel

  • Weight at the beginning of cruise = Ramp mass – Taxi fuel – (take off + climb) = 52 500 – 150 – 1650 = 50 700 kg
Second Step: Enter the table, first column on the left shows mass in thousands of kg and first line at top shows mass in hundreds of kg.
  • Enter the table a mass of 50 700 kg => Select line on the left column that says 50 000 kg and at the top, in the first line, where it says 700 kg => find Value of 3494 NAM

Third Step: We know that cruise distance = 378 NAM; therefore, using the table, to find out aircraft weight at the end of cruise, we need to subtract cruise distance from 3494 NAM: 3116 NAM

Fourth Step: Find 3116 NAM in the table => which corresponds to a weight of 48 800 kg.

We know that cruise fuel (kg) is the difference between the weight at the beginning of cruise and the weight at the end of cruise = 50 700 - 48 800 = 1900 kg

Trip fuel = (take off + climb) + cruise + descent + (approach + landing) = 1650 + 1900 + 275 + 80 = 3905 kg

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