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Refer to AMSTERDAM - Chart 10-2B from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
An aircraft is flying from MOLIX to the clearance limit at the maximum ground speed allowed overhead the IAF. How long will it take the aircraft to reach the clearance limit?
  • A
    7 minutes
  • B
    9 minutes
  • C
    11 minutes
  • D
    18 minutes
Refer to figure.
At the top right of the plate, in the instructions box, you can find key information needed to solve this exercise:
  • Clearance limit is SUGOL;
  • Unless otherwise instructed, MAX 250 kt at IAF.
The distance from MOLIX to SUGAL equals:
+ ROBVI ⇒ SUGOL (7.5 NM)
= 37.5 NM

The ground speed is 250 kt. Therefore, the time taken to cover 37.5 NM is: (37.5 NM ÷ 250 kt) x 60 = 9 minutes.

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