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For pre-flight planning purposes, what is the minimum Ramp Fuel load for the Commercial Air Transport flight with a Jet aeroplane, given the following information? Assume the Basic Fuel Scheme WITHOUT variations applies.

Standard taxi fuel: 600 kg
Average cruise consumption: 10 000 kg/h
Holding fuel consumption at 1 500 ft above alternate airfield elevation: 8 000 kg/h
Flight time from departure to destination: 6 hours
Fuel for diversion to alternate: 10 200 kg
Extra Fuel: 0 kg
Discretionary Fuel: 0 kg

  • A
    77 800 kg.
  • B
    79 800 kg.
  • C
    77 200 kg.
  • D
    74 800 kg.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The modifications resulting from the updated fuel policy regulations, which came into effect on October 30, 2022, are only changes in wording but nothing really new. The terminology "extra fuel" has been replaced with "discretionary fuel." EASA has clarified that the calculations and procedures pertaining to fuel calculations will remain unchanged, and there will be no inquiries regarding the "new extra fuel" concept.
  • extra fuel, include anticipated delays or specific operational constraints that can be predicted
  • discretionary fuel, include a quantity at the sole discretion of the commander
For reference, additional information can be found in EASA's AIR OPS documentation.
The minimum ramp fuel load is the sum of the following fuel amounts:
  • Taxy fuel: 600 kg
  • Trip fuel: Average cruise consumption x Flight time from departure to destination = 10 000 kg/h x 6 hours = 60 000 kg
  • Contingency fuel: 5% of the Trip fuel = 5% x 60 000 kg = 3 000 kg
  • Alternate fuel: 10 200 kg
  • Additional fuel: N/A
  • Final Reserve fuel (for a jet aeroplane fuel to fly for 30 minutes at holding speed at 1 500 ft above alternate airfield elevation): 8 000 kg/hr / 2 = 4 000 kg
  • Extra fuel: N/A

Thus, the minimum ramp fuel load is 77 800 kg.

NOTE: Only the holding fuel consumption at 1 500 ft above alternate airfield elevation is given, thus only the "5% Trip fuel" Contingency fuel can be calculated with the data given. The "5 min at holding speed at 1500 ft" Contingency fuel could be calculated, only if the holding fuel consumption at 1 500 ft above destination airfield elevation was given.

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