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Refer to figure.
Given a variation of 3°E and the information as indicated in the navigation plan, calculate the Wind Correction Angle WCA and Ground Speed GS, on the route from CDA to the Top Of Descent TOD The WCA is:
  • A
    4° Left, and GS is 361 kt.
  • B
    5° Left, and GS is 368 kt.
  • C
    4° Right, and GS is 361 kt.
  • D
    5° Right, and GS is 368 kt.

Refer to figures.
This question is quickest and easiest answered using a CRP5 / flight computer.

We need to work backwards, using the data the navigation plan provides.
We have Wind velocity and TAS.
Plot Wind velocity and TAS on CRP5 / flight computer.

Since the aircraft is flying from CDA, to ODN with TOD being between these waypoints, we must assume the aircraft remains on the same airway, so the True Track is 304°

Set True track 304° on CRP5 / flight computer.

Read Groundspeed 361 kt. Drift = 4° LEFT.

To correct for LEFT drift, the aircraft must steer RIGHT.

Thus Wind correction angle = 4° RIGHT

Note: We should assume that aircraft has the TT of 304° between CDA to ODN as top of descent is between these two.

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