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Refer to Enroute_ED-4_VFR from GSPRM Training Route Manual 2017.
For a planned and authorized landing on a grassland 5 NM east of RODING VOR (RDG, N49°02', E012°32'), a frequency of 120.65 MHz is used to request the latest QNH for the nearby Straubing airfield. Which of the following is the corresponding call sign?
  • A
    Straubing Radar
  • B
    Straubing Tower
  • C
    Straubing Information
  • D
    München Information

Refer to figure.
If you refer to the provided frequency (120.65 MHz), you can find the necessary information on the right side, at the border to the Czech Republic:

"FIS München Information 120.65"

Flight Information Service (FIS) for this area is provided on frequency 120.65 MHz.

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