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An aircraft is approaching Alicante airport and wishes to carry out an RNAV approach to runway 28 via the initial approach fix, VILNA. The correct phraseology for the request is…

  • A

    Globe Air 213, request RNAV approach via VILNA, runway 28.

  • B

    Alicante approach, Globe air 213 request approach clearance to carry out an RNAV approach to runway 28.

  • C

    Globe Air 213 request RNAV approach clearance to runway 28.

  • D
    Alicante approach, Globe Air 213 we request an RNAV approach via the initial approach fix to runway 28.

CAP 773
RTF phraseology

Pilots should request clearance to fly the procedure using the phraseology:
‘(Aircraft c/s), request RNAV approach, via (IAF Designator), runway xx’

Where traffic conditions permit, air traffic controllers shall clear the pilot to follow the procedure using the following phraseology:

‘(Aircraft c/s), cleared RNAV approach, runway xx, (report at [IAF designator])’

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