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An aircraft is conducting a VFR flight and a two-way communication with Europe information on 126.930 is established. The departure aerodrome is Bonn, destination is Spa, and alternative is Luxembourg, using the following frequencies:

Bonn Tower: 134.930
Spa Radio: 124.540
Luxembourg Tower: 118.105

The pilot suddenly experiences an engine failure. Which frequency shall be used for the first transmission of a "MAYDAY" call?

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A distress situation is by definition a condition of being threatened by serious and/or imminent danger and of requiring immediate assistance. A distress situation needs immediate assistance and this is the difference between distress and urgency (urgency does not require immediate assistance).

If a pilot of an aircraft encounters an emergency, this situation shall be indicated by a radio call starting with the phrase "MAYDAY" spoken three times.

In a distress situation, the pilots shall transmit the distress call on the air-ground frequency currently in use.

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