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RADAR instructs aircraft XYABC: "XBC reset squawk 1015". What does this mean?
  • A
    XBC has been identified by SSR code 1015
  • B
    XBC is requested to press IDENT
  • C
    XBC has been identified at 10:15 (UTC)
  • D
    XBC is requested to reselect SSR code 1015

The instruction to set the transponder code for the first time is expressed with a very simple phrase, the word squawk followed by the appropriate code shall be transmitted.

Please find SSR transponder related phraseology below:

Phraseology Meaning
Squawk "1234" Set the transponder code "1234"
Reset squawk "1234" Reset the previously issued code "1234"
Squawk IDENT Turn on the function IDENT
Squawk standby (STBY) Operate your transponder in the standby mode
Confirm squawk Confirm your squawk, read your squawk
Stop squawk Turn off the transponder
Squawk Alpha/Charlie/Sierra Change the transponder mode to Alpha/Charlie/sierra
Squawk VFR Squawk 7000 in most European countries
Squawk 1200 in North America
Squawk Mayday Set the emergency code 7700 on your transponder

ICAO Doc 4444
12.4.3 Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) and ADS-B phraseologies To request the pilot to reselect the assigned mode and code
a) RESET SQUAWK [(mode)] (code);*
b) RESETTING (mode) (code).
* Denotes pilot transmission.

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