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An aircraft is squawking 7600. What does it indicate?
  • A
    It is requesting immediate level change.
  • B
    It is about to make a forced landing.
  • C
    It is diverting to the alternate aerodrome.
  • D
    It is unable to establish communication due to radio equipment failure.

ICAO Doc 4444
8.5.2 SSR code management Codes 7700, 7600 and 7500 shall be reserved internationally for use by pilots encountering a state of emergency, radiocommunication failure or unlawful interference, respectively.

Use the following mnemonics:
• Code 7500 = Unlawful interference ("75 - man with a knife")
• Code 7600 = Radio failure ("76 - I need a radio fix")
• Code 7700 = Emergency/distress ("77 - going to heaven")

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