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The following items shall always be read back to ATC…

  • A

    TWY lights are unserviceable.

  • B

    Work in progress on the movement area.

  • C
    ATC route clearances.
  • D

    Radio checks.

ICAO Doc 4444 READBACK OF CLEARANCES The flight crew shall read back to the air traffic controller safety-related parts of ATC clearances and instructions which are transmitted by voice. The following items shall always be read back:

a) ATC route clearances;
b) clearances and instructions to enter, land on, take off from, hold short of, cross, taxi and backtrack on any runway; and
c) runway-in-use, altimeter settings, SSR codes, level instructions, heading and speed instructions and, whether issued by the controller or contained in automatic terminal information service (ATIS) broadcasts, transition levels.

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