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A pilot hears the start of a distress message from another aircraft to an ATS unit. What should he/she do immediately?
  • A
    Stop transmitting, write the message down, and listen to check if assistance is provided.
  • B
    Leave the frequency and call the ATS unit on another frequency.
  • C
    Transmit to the distress aircraft, giving his/her position, and offer to help.
  • D
    Transmit to the ATS unit, giving his/her position, and offer to help.

ICAO Annex 10, Volume II Action by all other stations The distress communications have absolute priority over all other communications, and a station aware of them shall not transmit on the frequency concerned, unless:

a) the distress is cancelled or the distress traffic is terminated;
b) all distress traffic has been transferred to other frequencies;
c) the station controlling communications gives permission;
d) it has itself to render assistance. Any station which has knowledge of distress traffic, and which cannot itself assist the station in distress, shall nevertheless continue listening to such traffic until it is evident that assistance is being provided.

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