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Which one of the following call sign suffixes indicates that you are not in contact with an ATS unit?
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Manual of Radiotelephony
Doc 9432

2.7.1 Call signs for aeronautical stations Aeronautical stations are identified by the name of the location followed by a suffix. The suffix indicates the type of unit or service provided. Unit or service Call sign suffix
Area control centre - CONTROL
Radar (in general) - RADAR
Approach control - APPROACH
Approach control radar arrivals - ARRIVAL
Approach control radar departures - DEPARTURE
Aerodrome control - TOWER
Surface movement control - GROUND
Clearance delivery - DELIVERY
Precision approach radar - PRECISION
Direction-finding station - HOMER
Flight information service - INFORMATION
Apron control - APRON
Company dispatch - DISPATCH
Aeronautical station - RADIO

Non-ATS Services
APRON - aircraft guidance on the apron by the airport operator
DISPATCH - transmission of flight regularity messages of aircraft operating agencies
MONITOR TRA - monitoring with radar
RESCUE - operations by the fire brigade

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