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“Paris Approach control, L-RMLT Super”. Why is “SUPER” included after the callsign?

  • A

    Aircraft wake turbulence category classified as SUPER according regulation.

  • B
    Aircraft MTOW above 137 tons.
  • C
    Medical Emergency.
  • D
    Supersonic flight.

Refer to ICAO Doc 4444, Chapter 4:

For aircraft in the heavy wake turbulence category the word HEAVY shall be included immediately after the aircraft call sign in the initial radiotelephony contact between such aircraft and ATS units. This is necessary for separation purposes.

The same applies to the aircraft in the super heavy turbulence category, with the word SUPER.

Further information:
The ICAO wake turbulence category is based on the maximum certificated take-off mass (MCTOM), as follows:

  • Light (L): Aircraft types of 7 000 kg (15 000 lb) or less
  • Medium (M): Aircraft types less than 136 000 kg (300 000 lb) and more than 7 000 kg (15 500 lb)
  • Heavy (H): Aircraft types of 136 000 kg (300 000 lb) or more
  • Super heavy: For Airbus A380-800 with a MCTOM in the order of 560 000 kg

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