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A bundle of electrical cables within the avionics bay, and in close proximity to one another, have been poorly insulated during installation. What is the most significant risk?
  • A
    Increased power consumption of the components’, as poorly insulated cables have an increased internal resistance.
  • B
    Frequent and/or incoherent tripping of circuit breakers (CBs).
  • C
    Radio communication interference.
  • D
    Fire as a result of electrical arcing.
Electrical arcing is when electricity jumps from a one connection to another. This flash of electricity reaches temperatures of 20 000°C. Arcing can and will cause a fire.
  • In this case, the poorly insulated cables will increase the risk of electrical arcing.
Frequent and/or incoherent tripping of circuit breakers (CBs) as well as radio communication interference may occur if cables are poorly insulated, but this is not the most significant risk.

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