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To provide redundancy in the ignition system of a gas turbine engine, the system
  • A
    is cross-connected directly between the engines.
  • B
    has exciter units equipped with internal batteries.
  • C
    operates on a continuous basis following engine start.
  • D
    is equipped with two exciter units and two igniter plugs.

Each gas turbine engine has two separate high-energy igniters able to deliver up to 25000 V. The ignition system consists of a capacitance high energy ignition unit and an igniter plug designed to deliver the high voltage, high current discharge from a low AC or DC supply.

The most common ignition unit is the DC trembler operated unit. The trembler operates an induction coil and facilitates the generation of a higher voltage to the igniters by providing a DC current to the transformer through a high voltage rectifier. The rectifier will avoid any discharge back into the coil winding while the capacitor will charge up to a value that will break down the sealed discharge gap. The current will then discharge through the sealed discharge gap, the choke, and the igniter plugs, which are all connected in series. The capacitor is then recharged, and the cycle is repeated.

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