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A Hot Rod Ice Detection System indicates aircraft ice accretion by..
  • A
    the ice build-up on the probe, which is visible via a cockpit instrument.
  • B
    the activation of an ice-warning light in the cockpit.
  • C
    the ice build-up on the probe, which can be viewed from the cockpit.
  • D
    the automatic activation of the aircraft de-icing system.

Refer to figure.
This unit is mounted outside the cockpit window in a location where it can be observed by the flight crew. If the aircraft enters an icing environment, ice will build-up on the leading edge of the probe.
In order to observe the rate of ice buildup, the system has the ability to be deiced. The deicing is achieved by a heater element within the rod, and is operated by a press button in the cockpit.

  • Placed in a spot on the aircraft that is visible to the pilot
  • Detector represents the wing; no ice on detector = none on wing
  • May incorporate a heater to remove the ice and allow further icing assessments to be made

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