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When will an auto-brake system disarm and revert to normal anti skid function, provided it was selected ON and armed?
  • A
    If a main-wheel starts to skid.
  • B
    When the spoilers are deployed manually.
  • C
    When the nose-wheel touches the ground.
  • D
    When any throttle is advanced to take off thrust.

Auto-brake systems can be used on take-off where they will provide maximum braking in the event of a rejected take-off; and on landing where they will provide a scheduled rate of deceleration.
Disarming will occur immediately if a fault occurs when the system is armed or if any of the following crew actions are taken during autobrake operation:

  • Manual braking;
  • Advancing any thrust lever after landing;
  • Moving the speed brake lever to the DN (down) detent after speed brakes have been deployed on the ground;
  • Moving the autobrake selector to Disarm or Off.

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