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The dry sump oil system for a piston engine incorporates an oil tank with normally two stack pipes installed. Stack pipes can be found...
  • A
    At the top and in the bottom of the tank.
  • B
    Both in the top of the tank.
  • C
    Both in the sides of the tank.
  • D
    Both in the bottom of the tank.

Refer to figure.
Many reciprocating and turbine aircraft engines have dry sump lubrication systems. The oil supply in this type of system is carried in a tank. It includes a stack pipe at the bottom of the tank which will supply the main feed system via a pressure pump which will then circulate the oil through the engine. Scavenger pumps then return it to the tank as quickly as it accumulates in the engine sumps. A second stack pipe is generally fitted at the bottom of the tank to supply and emergency supply system. The need for a separate supply tank is apparent when considering the complications that would result if large quantities of oil were carried in the engine crankcase.

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