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Whenever major changes are planned to aeronautical information provided under the AIRAC system and where additional notice is desirable and practicable, how many days before the effective date should the AIS organization publish the information?
  • A
    In accordance with AIRAC - 56 days
  • B
    In accordance with AIRAC - 28 days
  • C
    In accordance with AIRAC - 42 days
  • D
    In accordance with the PBN cycle

ICAO Annex 15
Chapter 6. Aeronautical Information Updates

6.2 Aeronautical information regulation and control (AIRAC)

6.2.7 Recommendation.- Whenever major changes are planned and where advance notice is desirable and practicable, information should be made available by the AIS so as to reach recipients at least 56 days in advance of the effective date. This should be applied to the establishment of, and premeditated major changes in, the circumstances listed below, and other major changes if deemed necessary.

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