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The stopway is an area beyond the runway which can used from deceleration in the event of a rejected take-off. What is correct about a stopway?
  • A
    The runway strip is included in the stopway.
  • B
    It shall be no less wide than the runway.
  • C
    It is at least half the runway width.
  • D
    It is as wide as the runway strip.

ICAO Annex 14
3.7 Stopways
Note.— The inclusion of detailed specifications for stopways in this section is not intended to imply that a stopway has to be provided. Attachment A, Section 2, provides information on the use of stopways.

Width of stopways
3.7.1 A stopway shall have the same width as the runway with which it is associated.

"As wide as the runway strip." Incorrect.
A strip shall extend before the threshold and beyond the end of the runway or stopway

"The runway strip is included in the stopway." Incorrect.
A runway and any associated stopways shall be included in a strip.

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