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Separation minima between controlled traffic in the vicinity of aerodromes may be reduced..
  • A
    only if the controller has both involved aircraft in sight.
  • B
    only at the discretion of the responsible air traffic controller.
  • C
    if the commander of one of the involved aircraft so requests.
  • D
    when the following aircraft has the preceding aircraft in sight.

ICAO Doc 4444
6.1 Reduction In Separation Minima In The Vicinity Of Aerodromes

In addition to the circumstances mentioned in Chapter 5, 5.11.1, the separation minima detailed in Chapter 5, 5.4.1 and 5.4.2, may be reduced in the vicinity of aerodromes if:

a) adequate separation can be provided by the aerodrome controller when each aircraft is continuously visible to this controller; or
b) each aircraft is continuously visible to flight crews of the other aircraft concerned and the pilots thereof report that they can maintain their own separation; or
c) in the case of one aircraft following another, the flight crew of the succeeding aircraft reports that the other aircraft is in sight and separation can be maintained.

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