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An aircraft is taxiing to the holding point of runway XX. CAT II/III is in progress. If the pilot crosses the ILS critical area, such action can lead to:

1) Pilot deviation.
2) Operational deviation.
3) Pilot can cross ILS critical area without clearance.
4) The PIC must report such action to the approach control after departure.

  • A
    1 and 2.
  • B
    1 and 4.
  • C
    3 and 4.
  • D
    2 and 4.
When instructed by ATC to hold short of the ILS critical area, pilots MUST STOP so that no part of the aircraft extends beyond the holding position marking. Once the landing aircraft is on the ground, you'll get clearance to cross the ILS critical area and continue your taxi to the runway. Noncompliance with a runway holding position sign may result in a Pilot Deviation against you.
Now, if the ATC clears the aircraft onto the runway while another aircraft is landing on the same runway, this could result in na Operational Deviation/Incident.

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