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Which type of airspace is included in a FIR?

  • A

    Most types of controlled airspace excluding control zones.

  • B

    All types of controlled airspace below 10 000 ft, other types are included in a UIR.

  • C

    Most types of controlled airspace excluding restricted areas and control areas.

  • D
    All types of controlled airspace.

Relevant rules of ICAO's with regards to FIR:
Flight information regions

  • Flight information regions shall be delineated to cover the whole of the air route structure to be served by such regions.
  • A flight information region shall include all airspace within its lateral limits, except as limited by an upper flight information region.
  • Where a flight information region is limited by an upper flight information region, the lower limit specified for the upper flight information region shall constitute the upper vertical limit of the flight information region and shall coincide with a VFR cruising level of the tables in Appendix 3 to Annex 2.
  • Where designated within a flight information region, control areas and control zones shall form part of that flight information region.
Further information can be found in ICAO Annex 11.

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