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In accordance with ICAO PANS-ATM, in case of unlawful interference, where should the aircraft be instructed to taxi to after landing?

  • A

    Designated area at a safe distance from the fire station.

  • B

    Parking position near the security authorities.

  • C

    Designated isolated parking position.

  • D
    End of the landing runway.

ICAO Annex 17
Chpater 3. Physical Characteristics

3.14 Isolated aircraft parking position

3.14.1 An isolated aircraft parking position shall be designated or the aerodrome control tower shall be advised of an area or areas suitable for the parking of an aircraft which is known or believed to be the subject of unlawful interference, or which for other reasons needs isolation from normal aerodrome activities.

3.14.2 Recommendation.— The isolated aircraft parking position should be located at the maximum distance practicable and in any case never less than 100 m from other parking positions, buildings or public areas, etc. Care should be taken to ensure that the position is not located over underground utilities such as gas and aviation fuel and, to the extent feasible, electrical or communication cables.

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