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In the NAVSTAR GPS system, what can authorised users calculate positions from?
  • A
    C/A code as well as the less accurate SBAS.
  • B
    SBAS as well as the less accurate C/A code.
  • C
    SPS as well as the less accurate PPS.
  • D
    PPS as well as the less accurate SPS.
There are two modes of operation of NAVSTAR GPS, each with a different accuracy.
  • The Standard Positioning Service (SPS) is available for civilian users.
  • The Precise Position Service (PPS) is only available for authorised users, such as the military. PPS provides a higher accuracy than SPS.
L1 at 1575 MHz provides SPS and is used by civilian and military users. Transmits both C/A and P codes.
L2 at 1227 MHz provides PPS and is used by authorized users (military). Transmits P codes.

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