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Which of the following options are the correct frequency band, propagation type, and range of usable frequencies for an ILS localiser?
  • A
    UHF, space waves, 329.15 MHz to 335 MHz.
  • B
    VHF, ground waves, 108 MHz to 117.975 MHz.
  • C
    VHF, space waves, 108.10 MHz to 111.975 MHz.
  • D
    UHF, sky waves, 190 kHz to 1750 KHz.
ILS localisers operate on a frequency between 108.10 and 111.96 MHz (VHF), in the bottom half of the band that is used by VORs. As such, they propogate as space waves, which are line-of-sight radio waves. The linked glide path signals operate on a frequency between 328.6 and 335.4 MHz (UHF), and also travel as space waves.

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