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One of the advantages of the Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) systems over the Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) systems is that SSR can provide more information. How does this happen?
  • A
    ATC SSR systems can interrogate aircraft transponders and elicit replies.
  • B
    ATC SSR systems have moving target indicator capability, which eliminates clutter so more aircraft can be tracked.
  • C
    ATC SSR systems permanently interrogate aircraft within range, so the tracking is not interrupted.
  • D
    ATC SSR systems can reply to an aircraft interrogation and provide requested information.

One of the biggest differences between a Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) and a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) is that the PSR relies on the reception of a reflected pulse (the echo of the transmitted pulse). On the other hand, Secondary radar (SSR), receives pulses transmitted by the target in response to interrogation pulses - has the ability to interrogate an aircraft (using a transponder)and elicit replies.

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