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A helicopter with a clockwise rotor system seen from above is flying backward, with zero wind. The Pilot will have the advancing blade...

  • A
    Behind him/her.
  • B
    On his/her left.
  • C
    In front of him/her.
  • D
    On his/her right.

Refer to figure.
The advancing and retreating side of the main rotor varies depending on the direction of the main rotor (clockwise or counter clockwise) as well as the helicopter's direction of flight, i.e. forward, sideways or backwards.

In forward flight the advancing side is the side of the main rotor that is moving forward at 90o angle of the direction of the helicopter. For the counter clockwise rotor the advancing side is to the right of the Pilot. For the clockwise rotor system the advancing side will be to the left of the Pilot.

For this type of question, it’s always recommended to draw a helicopter seen from above and put the direction of the flight to visualise the advancing and retreating sides.

Therefore, for a helicopter with a clockwise rotor the advancing blade for a backward flight will be located on the right side of the Pilot.

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