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What headwind component should be taken into account for performance purposes, if the expected headwind during a helicopter's approach is 4 kt?
  • A
    2 kt
  • B
    4 kt
  • C
  • D
    8 kt

According to CAT.POL.H.105 - General:

When showing compliance with the requirements, among others, account shall be taken of the environmental conditions, concerning the wind conditions:

(A) except as provided in (C), for take-off, take-off flight path and landing requirements, accountability for wind shall be no more than 50 % of any reported steady headwind component of 5 kt or more;

(B) where take-off and landing with a tailwind component is permitted in the AFM, and in all cases for the take-off flight path, not less than 150 % of any reported tailwind component shall be taken into account; and

(C) where precise wind measuring equipment enables accurate measurement of wind velocity over the point of take-off and landing, wind components in excess of 50 % may be established by the operator, provided that the operator demonstrates to the competent authority that the proximity to the FATO and accuracy enhancements of the wind measuring equipment provide an equivalent level of safety.

The reported headwind is 4 kt (less than 5 kt), thus it should not be taken into account for performance calculations.

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