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Which is a correct statement with reference to an RNAV SID?
  • A
    An RNAV SID is a departure procedure that is limited by the transition altitude.
  • B
    The RNAV SID can be flown without ground-based radio navigation aids.
  • C
    RNAV SIDs are unavailable if a ground-based radio navigation aid is used.
  • D

    The aircraft must be fitted with an auto-flight system to follow the RNAV SID.

Area Navigation (RNAV) is defined as a method of navigation which permitts aircraft operation on any desired flight path within the coverage of station-referenced navigation aids or within the limits of the capability of self-contained aids, or a combination of these. In simple words, the ability to fly from point to point, rather than following VOR radials or NDB bearings.

The conventional Standard Instrument Departure procedures (SIDs) use ground navigational aids, while the RNAV SIDs use Fly-by and Fly-over waypoints and are followed by the FMS.

RNAV equipment tends to be more accurate than basic fixing and can be based on either VOR/DME information, satellite systems, inertial systems or combinations of these.

Aircraft equipped with RNAV systems, which have been approved by the State of the Operator for the appropriate level of RNAV operations, may use these systems to carry out VOR/DME RNAV approaches and departures.

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