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A helicopter performing Performance Class 2 operations is going to land on an oil rig. Which factor(s) should be considered by the Pilot regarding the helideck’s environment?
  • A
    The helideck’s surface condition and inclination.
  • B
    The sun’s location.
  • C
    Wind speed and Obstacles.
  • D
    Wind speed and helideck’s surface inclination.

According to ICAO - Annex 4 - Volume I - Definitions:

  • Helideck is a heliport located on a fixed or floating offshore facility such as an exploration and/or production unit used for the exploitation of oil or gas. A helideck shall be provided with one FATO and one coincident or collocated TLOF.

According to GM1 CAT.POL.H.310(c) & CAT.POL.H.325(c) Take-off and landing:

(a) Factors to be considered when taking off from or landing on a helideck:

(1) In order to take account of the considerable number of variables associated with the helideck environment, each take-off and landing may require a slightly different profile. Factors such as helicopter mass and centre of gravity, wind velocity, turbulence, deck size, deck elevation and orientation, obstructions, power margins, platform gas turbine exhaust plumes etc., will influence both the take-off and landing. In particular, for the landing, additional considerations such as the need for a clear go-around flight path, visibility and cloud base, etc. will affect the commander’s decision on the choice of landing profile. Profiles may be modified, taking account of the relevant factors noted above and the characteristics of individual helicopter types.

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