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In which category is a helicopter certificated, which conducts Performance Class 1 operations?
  • A
    Category B.
  • B
    Category A.
  • C
    Any of Category A, B or C.
  • D
    Category C.
1. According to CAT.POL.H.300 - General (PC2):
  • Helicopters operated in Performance Class 2 shall be certified in Category A or equivalent as determined by the Agency.
2. According to EASA AIR-OPS - ANNEX I - Definitions:
  • Category A, with respect to helicopters, means a multi-engined helicopter designed with engine and system isolation features specified in the applicable certification specification and capable of operations using take-off and landing data scheduled under a critical engine failure concept that assures adequate designated surface area and adequate performance capability for continued safe flight or safe rejected take-off in the event of engine failure.
3. According to CS 29.1 - Applicability:
  • Rotorcraft with a maximum weight greater than 9 072 kg (20 000 pounds) and 10 or more passenger seats must be type certificated as Category A rotorcraft.

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