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Which Performance Class helicopter operations enable a helicopter to land within the rejected take-off distance available in the event of failure of a critical power unit?
  • A
    Performance Class 4.
  • B
    Performance Class 2.
  • C
    Performance Class 3.
  • D
    Performance Class 1.

1. According to CAT.POL.H.200 - General:

  • Helicopters operated in Performance Class 1 shall be certified in Category A or equivalent as determined by the Agency.

2. According to CS 29.53 - Take-off: Category A:

  • The take-off performance must be determined and scheduled so that, if one engine fails at any time after the start of take-off, the rotorcraft can:

(a) Return to and stop safely on the take-off area (FATO); or

(b) Continue the take-off and climb-out, and attain the critical take-off configuration existing along the take-off path.

Final Approach and Take-Off area (FATO) means a defined area for helicopter operations, over which the final phase of the approach manoeuvre to hover or land is completed, and from which the take-off manoeuvre is commenced. In the case of helicopters operating in Performance Class 1, the defined area includes the rejected take-off area available.

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