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Before de-icing procedure on the ground, which information should be shared between ground and flight crew?
  • A
    Airport elevation.
  • B
    Start time of the beginning of de-icing.
  • C
    Procedures for that specific aircraft.
  • D
    Experience of the ground personnel.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
GM2 NCC.OP.185 Ice and other contaminants – ground procedures

(d) Communications
(1) Before aircraft treatment. When the aircraft is to be treated with the flight crew on board, the flight and personnel involved in the operation should confirm the fluid to be used, the extent of treatment required and any aircraft type-specific procedure(s) to be used. Any other information needed to apply the HoT tables should be exchanged.

(2) Anti-icing code. The operator’s procedures should include an anti-icing code, which indicates the treatment the aircraft has received. This code provides the flight crew with the minimum details necessary to estimate an HoT and confirms that the aircraft is free of contamination.

(3) After treatment. Before reconfiguring or moving the aircraft, the flight crew should receive a confirmation from the personnel involved in the operation that all de-icing and/or anti-icing operations are complete and that all personnel and equipment are clear of the aircraft.

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