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What is the latest time that a pilot can do his/her CRM Training?

  • A

    After the base training.

  • B
    Before the line training.
  • C

    After the simulator training.

  • D
    Before commencing unsupervised line flying.

ORO.FC.215 Initial operator’s crew resource management (CRM) training

(a) The flight crew member shall have completed an initial CRM training course before commencing unsupervised line flying.

(b) Initial CRM training shall be conducted by at least one suitably qualified CRM trainer who may be assisted by experts in order to address specific areas.

(c) If the flight crew member has not previously received theoretical training in human factors to the ATPL level, he/she shall complete, before or combined with the initial CRM training, a theoretical course provided by the operator and based on the human performance and limitations syllabus for the ATPL as established in Annex I (Part-FCL) to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011.

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