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In Regulation (EU) 965/2012, where can one locate details regarding Commercial Air Transport?

  • A

    Part ARA and Part ORO.

  • B

    Part ORO and Part V.

  • C

    Part ORO and Part CAT.

  • D

    Part CAT and Part V.

Refer to figure.
The Commission’s Regulation (EU) 965/2012 is divided into 8 Annexes:

  • ANNEX I Definitions

  • ANNEX II Part ARO – Authority requirements for Air Operations

  • ANNEX III Part ORO - Organisation requirements for Air Operations (Operators)

  • ANNEX IV Part CAT - Commercial Air Transport

  • ANNEX V Part SPA - Specific Approvals

  • ANNEX VI Part NCC - Non-Commercial Air Operations With Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

  • ANNEX VII Part NCO - Non-Commercial Air Operations With Other-Than Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

  • ANNEX VIII Part SPO - Specialised Operations

Therefore, Part ORO and Part CAT include details regarding Commercial Air Transport.

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