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For Commercial Air Transport operators, which part of the OM (Operations Manual) normally contains instructions and information on routes, aerodromes and operating sites?
  • A
    Part B
  • B
    Part C
  • C
    Part D
  • D
    Part A

Regulation (EU) 2018/1975
ORO.MLR.101 Operations manual – structure for commercial air transport

Except for operations with single-engined propeller-driven aeroplanes with an MOPSC of 5 or less or single-engined non-complex helicopters with an MOPSC of 5 or less, taking off and landing at the same aerodrome or operating site, under VFR by day, the main structure of the OM shall be as follows:

(a) Part A: General/Basic, comprising all non-type-related operational policies, instructions and procedures;
(b) Part B: Aircraft operating matters, comprising all type-related instructions and procedures, taking into account differences between types/classes, variants or individual aircraft used by the operator;
(c) Part C: Commercial air transport operations, comprising route/role/area and aerodrome/ operating site instructions and information;
(d) Part D: Training, comprising all training instructions for personnel required for a safe operation.

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