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An AOC holder desires to obtain authorization to transport hazardous materials. Under which Annex of EU Regulation 965/2012 should apply for authorization to transport dangerous goods?

  • A

    Part SPO, Part ARO, Part SPA.

  • B

    Part ORO, Part CAT and Part SPA.

  • C

    Annex IV Part CAT.

  • D

    Annex V Part SPA.

The EASA OPS (EU Regulation 965/2012) is divided into the following eight annexes:

  • ANNEX I Definitions

  • ANNEX II Part ARO – Authority Requirements for Air Operations

  • ANNEX III Part ORO – Organisation Requirements for Air Operations (Operators)

  • ANNEX IV Part CAT – Commercial Air Transport

  • ANNEX V Part SPA – Specific Approvals

  • ANNEX VI Part NCC – Non-Commercial Air Operations With Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

  • ANNEX VII Part NCO – Non-Commercial Air Operations With Other-Than Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

  • ANNEX VIII Part SPO – Specialised Operations

The application process for transporting Dangerous Goods can be found in Annex III Part ORO, while the regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods are outlined in Part IV Part CAT and Annex V PART SPA.

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