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According to OPS regulations, the characteristics of de-icing and anti-icing fluids to be used for your aircraft can be found in:
  • A
    the aircraft flight manual.
  • B
    the operations manual.
  • C
    the aircraft maintenance manual.
  • D
    the weight and balance manual.

Regulation (EU) 2018/1975
ORO.MLR.101 Operations manual – structure for commercial air transport

Except for operations with single-engined propeller-driven aeroplanes with an MOPSC of 5 or less or single-engined non-complex helicopters with an MOPSC of 5 or less, taking off and landing at the same aerodrome or operating site, under VFR by day, the main structure of the OM shall be as follows:

(a) Part A: General/Basic, comprising all non-type-related operational policies, instructions and procedures;
(b) Part B: Aircraft operating matters, comprising all type-related instructions and procedures, taking into account differences between types/classes, variants or individual aircraft used by the operator;
(c) Part C: Commercial air transport operations, comprising route/role/area and aerodrome/ operating site instructions and information;
(d) Part D: Training, comprising all training instructions for personnel required for a safe operation.

AMC3 ORO.MLR.100 Operations manual – general

(a) The OM should contain at least the following information, where applicable, as relevant for the area and type of operation:



8.2.4 De-icing and anti-icing on the ground. A description of the de-icing and anti-icing policy and procedures for aircraft on the ground. These should include descriptions of the types and effects of icing and other contaminants on aircraft whilst stationary, during ground movements and during take-off. In addition, a description of the fluid types used should be given, including the following:

(a) proprietary or commercial names,
(b) characteristics,
(c) effects on aircraft performance,
(d) hold-over times,
(e) precautions during usage.

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