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Considering clearways, which of the following answers is correct?

  • A

    A clearway must be capable of supporting the weight of an aeroplane without causing structural damage.

  • B

    A clearway is an area of land or water beyond the runway that must be under the control of the airport authority.

  • C

    Clearway can be expressed as a surface extending from the end of the runway, with an upward slope of 1.5% through which no obstacle or terrain must protrude.

  • D

    The minimum clearway width is 90 m either side of the extended centreline.

Refer to figures.

  • A defined rectangular area on the ground or water, at the departure end of the runway selected or prepared as a suitable area over which an aeroplane may make a portion of its initial climb to a specified height.
  • This will include the Stopway if there is one.
  • A clearway should extend laterally to a distance of at least 75 m (250 ft) on each side of the extended centre line of the runway.
  • The length of a clearway should not exceed half the length of the take-off run available.

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