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Refer to figure.
What is the true average wind direction and speed in the marked area (yellow box)?

  • A

    160º/15 kt

  • B

    350º/13 kt

  • C

    355º/20 kt

  • D

    175º/10 kt

Wind barbs are used on charts such as this one to show direction and velocity of the wind at that position. You can see a basic overview of how a wind barb can be decoded in the annex above, the direction goes from the stacked lines/flags towards the "clean" end with no lines or flags. A short line indicates 5 knots, long lines are 10 knots each, and a "flag" is 50 knots, they are cumulative.

As two of the wind barbs have 1 long line and a short line each (15 kt) and the other wind barb has 1 long line (10 kt), the average wind speed is approx. 13 kt [(10 kt + 15 kt + 15 kt) ÷ 3].

As far as the direction goes, compare the direction of the wind barbs to the nearest meridian: 350º.

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