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In METAR messages, the pressure group represents the:
  • A
    QFE rounded down to the nearest hPa.
  • B
    QNH rounded down to the nearest hPa.
  • C
    QNH rounded up to the nearest hPa.
  • D
    QFE rounded to the nearest hPa.
QNH - barometric pressure at the airfield (QFE), converted to mean sea level (MSL) using the ISA temperature at the airfield and the ISA pressure lapse rate. In other words, it is the pressure set on the subscale of the altimeter so that the instrument indicates its height above sea level. When on the aerodrome with QNH set the altimeter will read aerodrome elevation.
  • QNH is always a whole number, without any decimal places, and is always rounded down.

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