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You are flying in a twin-engine helicopter with a maximum structural landing mass of 4 700 kg on a very hot and humid summer day. Your performance-limited landing mass on this particular flight is equal to 4 300 kg. Assuming that you did NOT burn the 30 kg of contingency fuel that you had loaded prior to departure, what is your regulated landing mass?
  • A
    4 300 kg
  • B
    4 330 kg
  • C
    4 700 kg
  • D
    4 670 kg

The Maximum Structural Landing Mass (4 700 kg) is the maximum permissible total helicopter mass upon landing under normal circumstances.

The Performance Limited Landing Mass (4 300 kg) is the landing mass limited by similar destination airfield considerations and derived from performance calculations.

The Regulated Landing Mass is the lower between the Performance Limited Landing Mass and the Maximum Structural Landing Mass: 4 300 kg.

The contingency fuel consumption is irrelevant to the question.

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