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Which one of the following options is an example of a moment index?
  • A
    CG divided by 100.
  • B
    Weight divided by 100.
  • C
    Moment divided by 100.
  • D
    Weight multiplied by CG.

The moment is the turning force created by the mass acting over a distance or lever arm and is calculated by multiplying the arm by the mass.

In its full form in metric units, a moment may be described in kg force metres, which is normally shortened to kg.m.

Where large, awkward numbers are produced, the moments are sometimes divided by a constant to produce a moment index. It is described as a non-dimensional figure, that is a scaled down value of a moment and is used to simplify mass and balance calculations.

For instance, a moment of 135 300 kg.in, may be referred to as an index of 1 353, divided by 100.

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