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Following a flight, the load sheet must be retained for:
  • A
    28 days
  • B
    3 months
  • C
    1 year
  • D
    6 months

Refer to figure.
According to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 of 5 October 2012, Annex III related to the Organisation Requirements for Air Operations (PART-ORO), Subpart Manuals, Logs and Records (MLR), ORO.MLR.110 regarding “Record Keeping” is prescribed, among others, that:

(a) The following information used for the preparation and execution of a flight, and associated reports, shall be stored for three months.

  1. the operational flight plan, if applicable;
  2. route-specific notice(s) to airmen (NOTAM) and aeronautical information services (AIS) briefing documentation, if edited by the operator;
  3. mass and balance documentation;
  4. notification of special loads, including written information to the commander/pilot-in-command about dangerous goods;
  5. the journey log, or equivalent; and
  6. flight report(s) for recording details of any occurrence, or any event that the commander/pilot-in-command deems necessary to report or record.

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