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Determine the mass that must be moved aft by a distance of 2.9 m, in order to establish a CG at 2.9 m aft of the datum. Given:

Current CG position: 2.8 m aft of the datum
Actual Take-off Mass: 6 603 kg

  • A

    660 kg

  • B

    1 kg

  • C

    813 kg

  • D
    228 kg

The new centre of gravity position can be calculated using the following formula:

  • M x ΔD = m x Δd
    Where “M” stands for the total mass of the aircraft, “ΔD” is the distance between the previous and new CG, “m” is the moved mass and “Δd” stands for the distance between the old and new position of the moved mass.

6 603 kg x 0.1 m = m x 2.9

m = 660.3 / 2.9

m = 227.7 kg ≈ 228 kg

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