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A piece of cargo of 1.3 m2 and a mass of 600 kg is loaded on two pallets with dimensions of 0.2 m x 1.2 m each. Considering that the maximum area loading equals 367 kg/m2, can this cargo be transported in the cargo hold?
  • A
    Yes, only if the pallets are placed laterally on both ends of the cargo.
  • B
    Yes, because the base area of the cargo sufficiently distributes the load to comply with the maximum area load.
  • C
    Yes, if the pallets are aligned longitudinally.
  • D
    No, because the maximum area load is exceeded.

The question only states the maximum area load. Therefore, we assume that the other limits, such as maximum running load, are not violated.

The mass of the cargo will be distributed over the area of the pallets:
Pallet area = 2 x 0.2 x 1.2 = 0.48 m2
Cargo mass = 600 kg which will be distributed over 0.48 m2

  • Area Load = 600 kg : 0.48 m2 = 1 250 kg/m2
    The maximum area load will be exceeded by 883 kg/m2.

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