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Which FMS guidance modes does the pilot have to engage in order to follow the horizontal path, vertical path, and speed profile?
  • A
    TRK (Track Navigation) and FLCH (Flight Level Change).
  • B
    LNAV (Lateral Navigation) and VNAV (Vertical Navigation).
  • C
    NAV (Longitudinal Navigation) and SPEED.
  • D
    HDG (Heading Navigation) and VS/FPA (Vertical Speed/Flight Path Angle).

Guidance functions – Controlling the movements of the center of gravity in three-dimensional space. These are the different functions of the autopilot that control the path of the aircraft. The guidance functions are provided by the outer loops.

Guidance functions :

Vertical Navigation Lateral Navigation
IAS or Mach number hold Heading hold
Altitude hold FMS lateral navigation (LNAV)
FMS vertical navigation (VNAV) Localizer intercept and track
Glide slope intercept and track VOR radial intercept and hold
Flight Path angle hold --------------

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