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The Primary Flight Display (PFD) displays information dedicated to:
  • A
    weather situation.
  • B
  • C
  • D
    engines and alarms.
The PFD of an EFIS equipped aircraft provides the flight crew with all the necessary data related to the aircraft’s flight path in all three dimensions. It derives most of the data from the IRS, the FMS, the ADC, the radio altimeter, and displays among others the:
  • Attitude
  • Flight Director command bars
  • IAS
  • Altitude
  • Heading
  • Vertical Speed
  • Selected airspeed
  • Radio altitude
  • Flight Path Vector (FPV) = Bird
  • Maximum airspeed warning (barber pole)
  • Selected heading (the bug)
  • Decision height
  • ILS indications
  • Auto-throttle, flight director, and autopilot modes (on the FMA).
  • Lower selectable speed.
  • Altitude capture.
The upper strip of the PFD is dedicated to the Flight Mode Annunciator (FMA) where all the autopilot/flight director and autothrust changes will occur and the flight crew will need to carefully monitor.

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