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The purpose of the performance database in the FMC is:

  • A

    To record the performance of the aircraft over time and to adapt the flight routes accordingly.

  • B
    To let the FMC know the optimum performance data for the aircraft in question.
  • C
    To tell the FMC the required performance to be able to fly a certain route.
  • D
    To keep track of the performance of the flight crew.

The information stored in the FMC is called its database. The database is divided into two major sections: One contains performance related information and the other contains information dealing with navigation.

The Aircraft Performance database includes de Engine model, Aerodynamical model and Performance model and is used by the FMS, among others, to predict aircraft performance and fuel consumption. Stored data include:
  • Aircraft drag and required thrust in all approved configurations
  • Engine thrust depending on thrust setting and density altitude
  • Fuel flow depending on thrust setting
  • Perfornance factor.
Maintenance can refine the database for each aircraft by entering factors for drag and fuel flow

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